World Pool Series

Rasson 10-Ball Masters Championship: June 7-10

Rasson 10-Ball Masters Championship

June 7-10

Players meeting June 6 at 19:30

10-Ball Masters Championship

Entry $450 ($75 goes towards Grand Final)
$10,000 added
$34,000 Total Prize Fund based on 64 players

Champion     $8,000

Runner-Up      $4,000

Semi-Final      $2,500

Quarter-Final  $1,750

9-12           $500


Top 16 Players on the WPS rankings will be seeded

Initial Rounds:
Double Elimination – Race to 11
if hill/hill – Shootout win by 1

Last 16 – Quarterfinals – Semi-Finals:
Single Elimination – Race to 13
if hill/hill – Shootout win by 1

1 Set – Race to 17
if hill/hill – Shootout win by 1



  • Aramith Pro Cup TV Balls
  • Measle Cueball
  • 4.25 Pocket Size

Rules & Regulations

The WPS reserves the right to refuse entry of any player.


  • Light colored shoes, sneakers, jeans, hats and headphones/earbuds are not allowed.
  • Players must wear dress slacks, (no jeans, no denim looking pants, no denim studs)
  • Collared shirt or polo tops (UTG tops acceptable);
  • Collared/polo top not required for ladies, but shoulders and torso must be covered.
  • Dark dress shoes or black athletic shoes (no white soles, or light on black colors, etc.).
  • No ankle socks (black socks are encouraged)
  • 1st violation of dress code will result in a warning.
    2nd violation will result in a 1 game loss.
    3rd violation will result in disqualification.
    Dress code violations carry from event to event for the entire season.


  • Players should arrive 30 minutes before scheduled matches.
  • If the player is not present at the table after the match is called, 1 rack will be deducted per 5 minutes late.
  • After 30 minutes, the player will be deducted 2 racks per 5 minutes late until time expires or match ends by racks.


  • All players must act in a professional manner at all times while at the event.
  • No dumping of matches will be allowed.
    If caught dumping, you will be banned from the WPS and reported to the WPA.
  • All players must make themselves available for interviews.
  • No Facebook live allowed on the streaming table but for all other matches, you are encouraged to do so.



  • Lag for the break.
  • Winner breaks
  • Rack your own with sponsor rack or template if no sponsor rack. The referee will rack the TV Table.
  • Opponent not allowed to check the rack. And nobody can check the referee rack.
  • No tapping after the rack is set.
  • Rack must have the 1-ball at the apex and on the foot spot, the 2-ball & 3-ball at back two corners (either corner) and the 10-ball in the center. All other balls must be random and no pattern racking.
  • Break from anywhere within the kitchen.
  • 10 on the break is not a win and gets spotted and breaker continues their inning at the table.


  • The 10 ball can be played at any time in a combo or carom to win the game. You must call the ten and you cannot call any other balls and you must hit the legal object ball first.
  • Jump Cues are allowed
  • Three foul rule in effect. All fouls result in ball-in-hand anywhere.
  • Slow play will result in 30-second shot clock per shot. There will be a shot clock on all shots on the TV table
  • Timeouts: Two 3-minute timeouts per player per match are allowed.
    • If timeouts are used, the player may ask for an additional timeout in event of an emergency.
  • It is a call-ball and call-pocket game. All obvious shots do not have to be called, however, kicks, caroms, banks, and combos should be called. However, it is up to the non-shooting player to ask what is being played if it is unclear or the shot will be considered obvious and stand. Only the ball and pocket have to be called, not how the shot is actually executed (i.e. if you shot your object ball into the opponent’s ball which is blocking a pocket and both go in that is a good shot).
  • On any illegally pocketed ball – ball in the wrong pocket, accidentally pocketing a ball but not making the called shot etc. The incoming player can choose to make the offending player shoot again.


  • The shootout applies if the race is hill/hill, shootout must be won by 1 shot.
  • Lag for the choice of who shoots first.
  • There are 5 different shots which will be marked on the table with the 10-Ball always on the foot spot:
    • Shot 1: Cue ball in hand in the kitchen shot into choice of foot pocket.
    • Shot 2: Cue ball on head spot shot into the right foot pocket.
    • Shot 3: Cue ball placed in line with the first diamond on the head rail and side rail on the right side of the table and shot into left foot pocket.
    • Shot 4: Cue ball placed in line with the first diamond on the head rail and side rail on the left side of the table and shot into right foot pocket.
    • Shot 5: Cue ball placed in the center of the kitchen shot into left foot pocket.
    • Sudden Death: Cue ball in the center of kitchen shot into choice of foot pocket.