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WPA To Sanction World Pool Series For 2018

Pool’s world governing body gives its nod to all four WPS events for the coming year.

The World Pool Series (WPS) is delighted to announce that the World Pool Billiard Association (WPA) has decided to sanction the entire 2018 WPS tour.

The WPA sanction means that players from the various worldwide pool confederations that make up the worldwide body will be able to enter all WPS events and receive WPA ranking points.

“We are very pleased to once again give the WPA sanction to the World Pool Series,” said WPA president Ian Anderson. “Darren Appleton and his entire team did an amazing job putting together the first season in 2017 and we know they have set the stage for bigger and better things in 2018. We wish them all the best.”

Said WPS founder Darren Appleton: “We’d like to thank Ian Anderson and the rest of the WPA for giving their sanction to the World Pool Series. This is one of the keys to getting players from all over the world to enter our events.”

The World Pool Series will commence its 2018 tour with its first event taking place April 19-22 at Steinway Billiards in Queens, New York City. After playing all 8-ball events in 2017, the WPS has decided to offer various disciplines throughout the year. The April event will be a 9-ball tournament. More details of the format and subsequent tour dates will follow in the coming days.

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  1. Ramin

    As always, we market major events for free! Sadly we can’t keep up with all the flyers and social media.
    Do email us the flyers as they are produced so we can post them on the flyers section for you!

  2. Romy

    In my opinion the World Pool Series should stick to 8 ball only as 9 ball is becoming an easy game for the pros and thus not very competitive to watch,