World Pool Series

About The WPS

About the WPS

The World Pool Series(WPS) is a professional pool tour based out of the United States that began in January 2017. It was founded by multi-world champion Darren Appleton and his partner, Manny Stamatakis, the owner of Steinway Billiards in Queens, New York City.

The main idea behind the World Pool Series was to create a player-centric tour that offers regular competitive and earning opportunities for professional players from around the world. In its first season, the World Pool Series(WPS) consisted of four separate 8-ball events to be played throughout the course of 2017. The WPS is organized as a tour, with rankings points from earlier events carrying over to later events and determining entrants and seeding’s, and even who qualifies for the following year’s tour. All WPS events are sanctioned by the World Pool Billiard Association(WPA), the governing body of the sport of pool.


The World Pool Series has committed itself to organic growth that hopes to draw in more sponsors and fans from around the globe. The World Pool Series aims to build a bridge to the amateur game, especially in the United States, where millions play the game on a daily basis.

“8-ball is the most recognizable game, the most global game. It’s bigger than snooker,” Appleton said. “It’s what the amateurs play. Everyone all over the world plays 8-ball. But they don’t have a tour to look up to, to follow. We want to tap into that and be that brand. They are going to be able to learn more, watch the best players. Maybe some of them can even qualify for the tour.”

WPS Staff

Founder: Darren Appleton
Co-Founder: Manny Stamatakis
General Manager: Shirley Ang
Tournament Director: John Leyman
Official Photographer: JP Parmentier
Official Table Engineer: John Kruglinski