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Shirley Ang Joins the World Pool Series

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Shirley Ang will take over the everyday running of the World Pool Series as General Manager. Shirley brings a wealth of experience from organizing pool tournaments in Europe and the UK. In recent years she was involved in the poker world for online gaming giants PokerStars and several other casinos. Shirley helped launch the successful GB9 Ball tour in 2008 and we are delighted to have her service and knowledge to take us to the next level. She will be a major asset for us going forward and she will be great to work with. We are excited she has agreed to jump on board.

Darren Appleton Founder

Here is what Shirley had to say:
I started getting involved in the pool world in 2004 when I was asked to help run the Rotterdam Open. After that, I got involved in running the regional tournaments of the Dutch Pool Federation (KNBB) in the Rotterdam area. From there onwards I made my way up to running the local weekly, bigger national and international tournaments in a pool club in Rotterdam. In the meanwhile, I also got involved more with refereeing for the EPBF and even ran tournaments elsewhere in Europe as a tournament director.

In 2006 I went to London to visit the EPT (Empire Pool Tour) that was set up by Daryl Peach and Mark Miller. I got to know some of the English pool crowd, helped some of them with their tournaments from afar and then moved to England a few months later. I got involved with the BPPPA and then started running tournaments in the local club in Barnsley.

In 2007 while traveling to the Eurotour in Austria, a bunch of English pool players discussed the pool situation in the UK. Lee Rigby and I then decided to set up a new tour, the GB9 Ball Tour. After receiving feedback from all corners of GB, we decided on all the details and launched the registration period. It was a great success with the tour being full within a few days (forcing an increase from 96 to 128 players on the tour) and a successful launch in 2008 with 6 events. The running of the whole tour, together with Lee and other volunteers, was fun and rewarding but also a lot of hard work which I loved. Up till today, the tour is still running although I left the tour at the end of 2009 as I had moved to London to work full-time for PokerStars.

In 2010 I set up the Metropolitan Billiard Organisation together with Stephen Williams for tournaments in the Greater London area. We even ran a qualifier for the World Pool Masters in Las Vegas in 2010. Which also gave me the opportunity to visit Las Vegas for the first time. Unfortunately, shortly after, PokerStars implemented the non-compete clause and they deemed the pool scene as something I wasn’t allowed to do anymore. At that time my career prospects with them were very good so I reluctantly had to give up pool.

From there on I have worked in the iGaming industry for almost nine years in total, from customer support, content writing, organizing and coordinating events, dealing with long and short-term online and offline marketing strategies, business development, sales, compliance, and setting up brand new companies in several countries.

I feel I gained a lot of experience over the past 15 years in the pool and iGaming industry. The love I have for the game has never left as some of the pool players that know me already will attest to. My business sense, interpersonal and organizational skills, motivation, determination, ability to prioritize, and time management are what I will be bringing to WPS. I am super excited to be part of the WPS team and am looking forward to this amazing challenge and the chance to get back into the pool scene. I am ready to help take the WPS to the next level for the players and for the sport!