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Predator Grand Finale Moved To End Of October

The World Pool Series would like to announce that our fourth and final event for 2017, the Predator Grand Finale, will be moved to a later date.

The event had been scheduled to begin on September 28th and run through October 1st. The new dates for the event will now be October 31  through November 3rd.  The tournament will once again be held at our regular venue,  Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens, New York City. It will still feature the biggest prize fund yet on the WPS circuit. $80,300(full field of 96) will be on offer, with $25,000 of that being added money.

World Pool Series founder and multi-world champion Darren Appleton was forced to make the change to the schedule due to several extenuating circumstances.  One the most pressing issues was that the original dates had clashed with several other events in the US and around the world, thus limiting the chances of getting the biggest and best field possible. The new dates mean the Predator Grand Finale now falls right after the conclusion of the US Open.

“We are really sorry for the inconvenience this date change might cause some players,” Appleton said. “There were about three big events that came up and they clashed with our event and it’s really affecting the entries of players . I understand that some players will not be happy but this change is best for the majority of players. Having it after the US Open we believe will be better for a wider range of players and bring more world class players from Asia and the rest of the world also and will help assemble a world class field.”

Appleton was aware that some players may have already booked their flights and accommodations for the end of September, and he has promised to cover the costs incurred for changing any plane tickets. Any players who have already paid the entry fee and who can’t make the new dates will receive a refund.

Those players affected by the change in dates should email the World Pool Series at

*The fourth and final event of the World Pool Series, The Predator Grand Finale, will be held at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens, New York City from October 31–November 3, 2017. The World Pool Series is sponsored by Predator,  Rasson, YO Rack, Aramith, Molinari, Unilad, Cheqio, Iwan Simonis, Kamui, Billiards Digest, Cuescore, Ultimate Team Gear, High Rock Productions, Tiger and King of Vape.

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  1. Allyn Gemerek

    It’s nice Appleton is willing to reimburse pro players, but what about fans who made flight reservations and other arrangements? Did Appleton just wake up this morning and hear there are other major tournaments? As I said previously, pro pool is plagued with poor management and marketing.

    • Ted Lerner

      Allyn, did you have plane tickets and hotel booked to come watch the event in September? We don’t get too many people coming from afar to watch, mostly the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut areas. Management knew about these other events, but these and several international events around the same time were playing havoc with the entries. We want the best field possible and now with the new dates, the field is looking amazing. Plus we are compensating players. We thought long and hard about the change, and normally we wouldn’t do this. But we made the decision and we are confident that it will work out for the best. And we have what we believe to be excellent management and marketing. If you stop by Steinway in early November, we’ll be sure to buy you a drink. Thanks!

  2. Allyn Gemerek

    Yes we have flight reservations for September 27th and booked a hotel in Queens but that is not the major issue. More importantly, we had to rearrange family events in Virginia and miss some cultural events in Mexico. In addition, we were looking forward to watching a pro player friend play. Again, given your prior knowledge of existing tournaments, this was poor planning.