World Pool Series

2018 World Pool Series Clarifications

After our announcement last week, we have received a lot of questions and feedback. We’d like to take the opportunity to clarify some things:

The World Pool Series is not based on invitations this year. Entry to our events is open to anybody and are based on a first come, first serve principle. So once the tournaments are full, that will be it. Our advice is to email us immediately if you want to register so we can send you the payment details to secure your spot for the next event(s)!

For Events 1-3, there will be a prize pool of $55,000 based on a full field of 80 players. The Top 16 will receive a Bye into Round 3 for their entry of $750. They will also be seeded based on their points earned over 2017 + the events played in 2018. For non-top 16 players, the entry fee will be $650. If anyone of the Top 16 doesn’t confirm before the due date, the next on the ranking will be offered the spot.

The Grand Final will feature a prize pool of $114,000 based on a full field of 48 players where the winner will walk away with a grand prize of $40,000. The fans will vote online for which discipline the players will be playing. To enter the Grand Final, the player needs to meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Play all 3 events to guarantee your spot
  2. Finish in the top 32 after the 3rd event in 2018
  3. Win one of the following events:
    1. The 9-Ball Players Championship
    2. The 10-Ball Masters Championship
    3. The 8-Ball Classic Championship

For full payout details for the Grand Final, please check:

For the rankings, please check:

You can register for the 9-Ball Players Championship right now!


Darren Appleton (Founder) & Shirley Ang (General Manager)